Film Review: Baby Driver

Plot: Guardians of the GTA

Baby Driver is the story of Baby (Ansel Elgort), a young man who works as a getaway-driver in various heists organised by Doc (Kevin Spacey) who he owes a debt to. He rarely speaks, is constantly listening to music and is verging on romance with a waitress at a local diner Debora.

From start to end the film is packed with set pieces both in and out of cars. All of these use Edgar Wright’s classic directorial set piece style of moving cameras and using the background as part of the scene often for comedic effect (whole video on his style here). Wright does what is always present in his films which is making the audience go ‘that is fucking awesome’. The car chases are choreographed like a dance routine in a musical in a comparable way to how The Raid’s fights are planned out action for action except this time there is music the chases go along with as well.

What is probably the most distinctive feature about the film is the use of music along with the set pieces. Using classic, if not hugely popular rock and soul tunes that go beat for beat with the action taking place is a hugely adds to the awesome factor (Wright has history with doing this in brilliant ways both with the Don’t Stop Me Now zombie fight scene in Shaun of the Dead and most of Scott Pilgrim). The use of the music in this makes it an ultimate rock out, mega cool car chase movie.

The  film also manages to be supremely funny as Wright’s films always are, the laughs coming from the set pieces, editing and dialogue. This, along with the rest of the chasing, music and action meant that I wasn’t bored for a second while watching it. What the film is more than anything else is just under 2 hours of all out fun. It is so packed from start to finish that there isn’t a chance to not enjoy yourself. I very much look forward to the next Edgar Wright film, although they tend to be few and far between and hope this takes the box office it deserves (I’m sure it will).

Rating: 9/10


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