Under-appreciated Corner: The Fake News Show

The Fake News Show is a new(ish) panel show on Channel 4 hosted by Stephen Mangan with team captains Richard Osman and Katherine Ryan. It looks at major news stories and delves into their details trying to discern what the truth is behind them.

With guests of various political affiliation the show manages to avoid too much bias and the information seems legitimately fact-checked and sourced. It also manages to be consistently funny with some of the countries best comedians giving their satirical, often scathing takes on the week.

All of the regulars are excellent with Katherine Ryan regularly giving her political takes thoughtfully and hilariously. Richard Osman is as intelligent as always managing to remain reasonably balanced in politics. The guests are also solidly booked featuring Stanley Johnson (Boris Johnson’s father), Miles Jupp, Judge Rinder and Adil Ray among others.

The programme in my mind is the closest the UK currently has to match John Oliver in it’s attention to detail and exposure of bullshit (I exclude Have I Got News For You because they purely analyse where as this show aims to inform as well).  The way it mixes serious sentiment about the current political landscape and system with ‘to-the-bone’ jokes and observations works extremely well and I am very much hoping for another series.

You can watch the whole series of the Fake News Show on All 4 here.


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