Book Review: Inside Little Britain

I started this book quite liking Little Britain and it probably tells you quite a lot about what I’m going to say that by the time I finished it I hated the show.

The book is essentially diary entries by Boyd Hilton from during the Little Britain Live Tour interspersed with background and histories of David Walliams and Matt Lucas (the creators of Little Britain). I originally chose to read this as I had just finished David Walliams autobiography (my review of which is here) and thought it would be an interesting compare and contrast between the two but I can tell you early on if you want to know anything about Little Britain, Walliams’ book is infinitely better although being honest you’d probably be as well just reading the wikipedia article. It’s much shorter and far less hateful.

The first problem I have with the book is the most straight forward. There are factual inaccuracies. Really basic factual inaccuracies that I picked up on after reading Walliams’ book are noticeable throughout including how Lucas and Walliams first met, quite a big inaccuracy if I’m honest.

Another blatant issue is they regularly refer to how terrible their reviews are but the stock response is pretty much summed up with ‘but people like it so it’s good’. This is a commonly used but also extremely flawed viewpoint as pointed out by the argument commonly referred to by comedians such as Richard Herring that nazi soldiers would force people to dance on the street and find that funny, that does not mean it is funny but they did laugh ergo because a group of people laugh at something does not mean that is funny nor a good or funny joke . There’s really no attempt throughout any of the bad reviews to do anything to rebut the points made against them instead deciding to just say ‘no, we’re great they’re wrong’. The closest to any sort of reflection probably being when Lucas says of Vicky Pollard “she’s an observation on the way certain people speak, of the peculiar phrases they come out with”.

This brings us onto the really grossly offensive parts of the book. These vary from unsupported statements of support to blacking up (“David thought the days when white comedians portraying black characters automatically meant they were being racist were long gone”) t0 vomituously vile supposedly comedic discussions about rape, the words “that’s what you’d want in a rapist” are actually used. In between these fit the grossly misjudged and uninformed opinions of serious issues including the Israel-Palestine conflict which is referred back to at random intervals.

Besides the overtly offensive there is also the fact that book is just terribly written. In 400(!?????) pages mainly filled with inane stories of getting food and chatting to barely-famous celebs there are roughly 3 interesting sentences and her they are summed up, ‘David went on Top Gear where they asked rude and intrusive questions about his sexuality’. So there, now you don’t have to read the book, I’ve told you every interesting thing about it.

Frankly as a piece of literature Inside Little Britain is not just offensive to anyone reading it but to anyone that has ever been turned down by a publisher for a piece of writing that they have put actual effort into. It is violently awful as proven by the fact it makes you hate people by only giving their viewpoint.

So if you haven’t been convinced yet let me just end with this. Inside Little Britain is despicably awful and not just awful but mind-numbingly boring, it reads like sewage on paper. Anything remotely interesting has been sucked out of this bland, 100 times too long, self-obsessed wikipedia article stretched to novel length.

Rating: 1/10


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