Top 5 Films of 2016

So rather obviously this is my top 5 films released in the UK in 2016 (some of these were released in the US in 2015) and obviously all opinions are subjective so there are just my choices.

So here are my top 5 films of 2016, films are about the only thing that haven’t been vomituously awful this year so yaknow, look on the bright side, if we’re being nuked we can at least be nuked in a cinema.

5. Arrival


In at number 5, it’s Arrival, you know the one with aliens and Amy Adams, that one. It was human and riveting and gripping and has mega cool camera shots and epic aliens.

I’m really glad it did well at the box office ($47M production budget to $145M worldwide gross) and is hopefully gonna do not too bad in the awards season too with 2 nominations already in for the Golden Globes.

If you want more info my full review is here

4. Sing Street


Sing Street’s at number 4, it’s a really nice small scale, fun film that was enjoyable and close and heart-warming. It tells the story of a boy starting a band but actually tells the story of finding an identity and the oddness of youth. Thematically I’d put it down the lines of Pride with maybe a note or two from School of Rock. It also had one of the years best soundtracks as well as my favourite choreographed number since Sunshine on Leith.

Unfortunately it didn’t set the box office alight only grossing about $13M worldwide but hopefully it’ll get some recognition at the BAFTAs and has already got a Golden Globe Nom for Best Musical or Comedy.

3. The Big Short


At 3 it’s The Big Short, the story of the people that predicted the economic crash. This one came early in the year in the UK, being eligible for last years Oscars in the US. It was important and gripping and funny and wasn’t afraid to explain things and have a viewpoint.

It did well for itself with 4 Oscar nominations including a win for Best Adapted Screenplay Writing (I still think Steve Carell was robbed of his nomination) and performed pretty well at the Box Office with $133M Worldwide takings with only a $28M budget.

2. Captain Fantastic


Coming second is Captain Fantastic. Captain Fantastic is the story of a family living an ‘alternative lifestyle’ in the woods whose mother dies so they go on an adventure to her funeral. It’s sweet and funny and you enjoy every minute of it.

It didn’t do very well only taking about $13M at the box office but has received a Golden Globe nomination for Viggo Mortensen’s excellent leading performance (I reckon George Mackay deserved a shout too but there you go) so things might be looking up for it this awards season.

Honourable Mentions

Here are a few that didn’t quite make the cut:

Spotlight: It won best picture, you know how good it was

Now You See Me 2: Most people didn’t like it, I don’t care, it was fun and funny and there was an awesome card trick where they threw a card around a safe and awwww man I really liked it

10 Cloverfield Lane (except the last 10 minutes): As a film really excellent and tense and enjoyable and would have been far more so without the Cloverfield element

1.Nocturnal Animals


Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson all on top form with the dark and twisty Tom Ford directed drama. It’s visceral and grim and I was gripped throughout. so this is my film of the year.

You can see my full review here 

Unfortunately Nocturnal Animals didn’t do too well at the box office only grossing $22M but it is nominated for 3 Golden Globes so there’s likely some award success coming it’s way.




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