Film Review: Allied

Plot: A couple of people get together and one of them has a bad French accent

I feel like I have to start this by saying that because I’m an ignorant youth I haven’t seen Casablanca so I don’t know how exactly the same the films apparently are. It’s got a piano in it though.

Right so Allied is essentially a slightly formulaic romance/action drama about a couple who are sorta     spy-y. In this case formulaic doesn’t necessarily mean bad though. Allied plays like a B-movie: action, romance plot but on a mega-high budget with a mega-big cast and a mega-awesome director. Being a B movie doesn’t mean it’s unenjoyable either. There was still a fun plot with nice fight scenes and romantic moments even if the twists and turns were wildly predictable.

The start and the end do have a very varied feel to them where the start is violent action, cut to romantic action back and forth with an almost a rushed feel. Compared to this the later section is much more slower paced. This might have been intentional to go with the plot but it seemed so contrasting that the editing became very noticeable which is an issue.

Pitt and Cotillard both give very good performances in what are arguably not very challenging roles and their chemistry is really what sells the film. Acting-wise it was pretty solid all round really, personally, I’d say the flaws came mainly from script and direction.

One very odd and frankly out of place addition to the film was Lizzy Caplan playing the protagonists sister who is supposedly in a totally accepted lesbian relationship in 1940s London. Honestly as a character she had absolutely nothing to do and no reason for being there, every scene she was in could have been cut out and it would have made absolutely no difference to the plot. Frankly she just seemed an odd distraction from the main plot, possibly in an attempt by the filmmakers to add a tiny bit of diversity into an otherwise straight-white-male-laden cast (it was set in 1940s Britain being fair, hardly the most diverse place about). If they were trying to do this it really wasn’t helped by the fact in 1 of the 3 scenes she’s in the couple are essentially boiled down to sex objects which honestly makes me feel the film makers weren’t really looking for interesting or diverse characters at all. Either way there was honestly no reason for her to be a character at all.

Allied, then is an enjoyable but nowhere near ground-breaking film worth a watch if you want to see Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard do dramatic things in dramatic ways.

Rating:  6/10


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