My Favourite Stand Ups: John Robins

John Robins is a stand up comedian possibly best known for his radio show/podcast with Elis James as well as occasionally appearing on shows like Mock the Week and Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled.

I was lucky enough to see his Edinburgh show ‘This Tornado Loves You’ last year and it was definitely the best show I saw that Fringe.

Robins talks about his experiences and life as many other comedians do but he does so in a thought-provoking and intelligent way with a message that you can still think about days later. While his message is truthful and honest he isn’t afraid to take time to be serious or say what he thinks and believes. It isn’t the dark gloom of a show I’m making out here though as he also has plenty of and jokes and laugh out loud moments in there that are traditionally funny all while still fitting in with his theme.

In his podcast he regularly talks about his obsession with Queen and Frank Zappa and how his obsessiveness can tie into mental illness. On their podcast James and Robins often talk about John’s ‘darkness’. This open take on mental health is new and interesting and refreshingly different from the obvious taboo route many people take around the subject whilst still being consistently funny in his when discussing serious topics.

John often adopts a Partridge-esque persona including penning his short autobiography ‘A Robins Amongst the Pigeons’ inspired by Tony Blackburn’s Poptastic.

If you want to listen to one of his Edinburgh shows they are on pay what you want at



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