Why Pointless is the Best Quiz Show on TV

So if you don’t watch Pointless then you clearly have a job (b’doom tsh) but you’re missing out.

Pointless is the daily sort-of daytime quiz show presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman where they have given 100 people 100 seconds to give answers to the questions. It’s basically reverse family fortunes.

Now I am absolutely obsessed with Pointless. I just love it. I’m honestly disappointed when I miss episodes. I can tell if the third round is going to go into a tiebreak question by how much banter they’ve had time to fit in earlier in the show. I know that Central African Republic isn’t actually the best answer and you’re probably better knowing the less memorable South Sudan or Palau. I chant along with ‘that’s not bread, That’s toast!’ and get excited for lockdowns.

Firstly in my reasoning for loving the show so much, I think the questions are great , they’re well thought out and challenging but still are within the boundaries of the average family audience. When you get something obscure it feels really rewarding as well, like you have really achieved something (That probably says more about my mental state than anything else).

There’s a real tension too. In each show you manage to develop a favourite from the limited information you have on the contestants and as the pillar of indistinct discs dives down over the red line I feel actual relief. Plus if there’s a team that you particularly like there’s a good chance you’ll have another chance to see them with each pair of contestants getting 2 chances to win.

The real reason Pointless is so good though is its heart and by that I mean Richard and Alexander. The patter between the pair is continuously funny even hundreds of episodes in and works whether you’ve watched long enough to get the inside jokes or not. The light ribbing of the contestants is part of the charm as well and if an answer is really ridiculous they’re going to mention it but it never feels cruel.

I am honestly concerned that Pointless might one day end, that’ll be the day you know there really is no hope left. Until then being on Pointless will continue to fill a strong spot in my bucket list, right between ‘ask the comedy final question on Question Time’ and ‘be a cool youth’.

Pointless is on every day at 5:15pm on BBC One


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