The Impossibility of Catching up with Everything

So we’ve heard it all before, “How have you not seen this!?”  “You need to watch it!” “It is absolutely must see!” except if everything is ‘must see’ or ‘can’t miss’ then how can we watch all of it? I would say I try to watch as much as possible but with everything else going on it’s very easy to miss shows that are somehow suddenly huge. “You need to see Stranger Things!” yes, I want to but I just don’t have time. “How to Get Away With Murder is the perfect show for you” and I wish I had enough time to watch it.

I watch a LOT of TV every week but it’s still totally impossible to stay up to date with all the shows I like that are currently going out and those that are being thrown out as box sets.

In general I quite like the box set, binge TV culture that’s currently taking over our viewing but it now seems almost competitive. To try and see a whole series before everyone else or get to a key episode before someone can spoil it for you has become a challenge. It feels too competitive nowadays. It has become hard to enjoy a series, instead feeling like you have to get through rather than wanting to.

I want to have fun watching a show, not feel compelled to stick with it through some concept of duty. Enjoyment feels so prescribed now, you must enjoy these things at this moment or cannot join in with our conversations, cannot understand our references, cannot be one of us.


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