5 films to help you feel less awful about the state of the world

So these are some films for you to watch if you don’t want to continue falling into deep pit of despair, try to not think about politics and enjoy what few good things life still has to offer:

  1. Despicable Me


What could help make things seem less terrible than a seeing how pathetic evil really is and making light of it. Despicable Me works because the jokes are funny, the characters are sweet and everyone in the family can enjoy it. It’s a fun plot with the main character Gru trying to destroy the world while family and what he really wants gets in the way. How I wish that were true of the world we’re living in right now. This modern animation is great fun and, like most family films, is sure to put you in, if not a good mood, then at least a mildly less awful one.




2. The Iron Giant


The Iron Giant is an animated classic that might not be totally feel good but as a film it is totally great. It tells the story of a young boy who meets a giant alien robot who is ostracised by the locals and attacked by the military. It tells the story of feeling like an outsider in the world and a film about someone coming from somewhere else and not being accepted by the local community might be just what’s needed right now.






3. Wizard of Oz


So the Wizard of Oz is pure joy. If you haven’t seen it before (how have you lived!?) then it’s about a young girl dreaming of a perfect world then being transported to a new land that is far away from home. This land is full of dangers that she had never thought she would encounter. There’s also some great catchy songs. Someone attempting to find both a brain and a heart seem particularly relevant in this moment. The Wizard of Oz also tells a story of being an outsider in a strange land with villains lurking around every corner but the hope always shows through.




4. Zootopia


Zootopia is the story of a small rabbit living her dreams in a profession that everyone told her she couldn’t do. Soon enough she needs to stop the widespread problems facing the city and her own problems too. Zootopia is heartwarming film that is coated in allegories about diversity and and prejudice and how everyone should be able to get along. It points out that anyone can make mistakes in how they treat people, even with the best of intentions and everyone has some ingrained prejudices that we have to acknowledge and work to act against. It also depicts a city where everyone can live with adaptations to suit all needs. Plus it’s really funny and charming.


5. Mulan


Mulan is the story of a female pretending to be a male so she can fight in the war for her father. It’s funny and got great songs as well as a brilliant message for young girls and boys alike. It says that women can do anything men can do, including be leaders, fighters and heroes. That’s something that can be hard to show young people in the world right now.

I hope some of these have helped and remember that in times when everything seems bleak, to take care of each other and fight for good in the world.


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