Under-Appreciated Corner: Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish

If you’re not that familiar with Dave Gorman you might have heard of his classic show ‘Are You Dave Gorman?’ where Dave tried to find other people named Dave Gorman. Since then Dave has continued to produce high quality family-friendly comedy, often using a slideshow and graphs. He was also one of the panellists on Dave’s (Dave the TV channel is the network where Dave the person has a TV show, just to be confusing) other venture Taskmaster recently which is another example of Dave’s recent streak of hit comedy commissions.

Modern Life is Goodish is a Dave show where Dave (a lot of Dave’s here) is pretty much allowed free reign for stand up routines along with his powerpoint based on Modern Life (like the title says). It tends to involve Gorman choosing a subject and then creating a powerpoint and standup routine to go with it.

What I think is really great about Modern Life is Goodish is each show is full stand up show quality and Dave manages to produce 6 of them each year all packed with laughs. A highlight of the show is always Dave’s found poem, something he also did on his Absolute Radio show, where he creates a poem from the comments of a not very serious news article (like a glass of champagne being photoshopped out of a hand) which is accompanied by a string quartet and never fails to produce a barrage of laughs.

What makes the show funny and work is partly, at least, due to Dave’s likeable character and his laugh breaks adding to the infectiousness of the show.  It also helps that the material is so well written. Each show contains a host of links between different parts of the powerpoint and uses a few different running jokes throughout the episode. I really enjoy it every week and hope that it’s getting the audience it deserves.

Modern Life is Goodish is on at 10pm on Dave on Tuesdays if you wanna watch.



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