A Song of Ice and Fire: My Predictions

First things first, I’ve not seen the TV show, I’m not gonna talk about the TV show, this is books, books, books.

Right so my first prediction that I’m super sure of is that Jon Snow is Azor Ahai like Melisandre says:

“I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’hllor shows me only Snow.

If that is not Martin giving an incredibly obvious hint then I don’t know what is. For me that might as well be confirmed.

Right number 2, I reckon Daenerys is the sibling of  both Jon Snow and Tyrion. By my reckoning Rheagar is Jon’s Dad and the other Targaryen guy (you know the one I mean) is Tyrion’s, that would fit with why Tywin hates Tyrion so much and why the genetics are a bit different between Tyrion an d his siblings.

Who will be on the Iron Throne at the end? My shout is Jon Snow or maybe Gendry just for the patter.

My big shout though is Old Nan’s gonna come back and be a big player OR she is actually all the fortune teller women kicking about including the frog lady and forest woman. I would REALLY like her to be on the Iron Throne at the end though. Just IMAGINE it, Old Nan chilling on the Iron Throne. Oooooooohhhhhh mannnnnn that would be good.

Also I reckon the Iron Throne might be disassembled or melted by dragons, that would be mega cool. Or maybe there’ll be a conflict in the Throne room and whoever’s left will need to disassemble the throne for a battle. I can also picture a scene where Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion are all riding dragons side by side through the air.

I reckon Arya and Bran are both gonna end up like Gods with Bran already being the tree God guy and Arya’s gonna be the death goddy person. I reckon the 7 are gonna come into play as well with each of them (the maid, the stranger, etc.) all matching up with characters in the story.

I also think Petyr Baelish is gonna be mega important considering he has pretty much planned everything that’s happened in the south so far but I think his plans are gonna go way off track when the people above the wall come down however he’s gonna be on the iron throne for all of a day.

Also I really want to mention Griff, I dunno what’s gonna happen with him and Jon Connington although I really like Jon Connington, I wish him all the best. I hope Theon gets back to being Theony though and less Reeky but at the same time Theon was a right dick so eh. I would really like to see a Griff vs the Lannisters fight as well, Griff just seems like a really cool wee guy. Who knows eh.

I think Walder Frey’s gonna die as just after he kills Robb it cuts to a scene in the North that states that not following the laws of courtesy (i.e. killing someone who eats in your home) puts a curse on them.

Finally, I reckon Sansa’s gonna die, as soon as her wolf died I would have put a ton of money on it and I’m still betting on it.



3 thoughts on “A Song of Ice and Fire: My Predictions

    1. Not sure, I’ve heard good things about the show but also that some of the storylines they really mess up like the Martells, don’t know though cause not seen it. Think it might confuse me a bit as well if I watch it now before next one comes out but might after the books are done. Super excited for Winds of Winter too though 😀


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